“An endorphin is a molecule produced by the brain in response to efforts which provides an intense feeling of wellbeing close to euphoria”


We know how hard and intense creating a sports video is for film-makers and every other doers in the industry.You have to be so close to the athlete that you feel his power and his suffering; your body sweats like his, your heart beats like his, your brain is connected to his brain, and you feel his every movement.
You put your heart and soul in it.


That’s why we created ENDORPHIN AWARDS. When we look at your video, we want every inch of our body to feel the same feeling as you did, as the athlete did.
We want to vibrate with your passion.


ENDORPHIN AWARDS will above all recognize the talent of these people;talent to transform a simple sports story into an artistic emotional experience.


ENDORPHIN AWARDS is a pure festival only online, for sports video lovers and those who make them.
As we said before, no cocktails, no glitter, no bullshit. Just emotion.